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Spirit Level Vials Classification According to Shape

There are fourteen glass circular bubble level vials of different specifications.

Glass Circular Bubble Level Vials

We supply glass circular bubble level vial which is high-transparent, high precision, and are widely used in leveling tools and electronic scales.

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There is a high precision glass tubular bubble level vial with transparent color.

Glass Tubular Bubble Level Vials

High transparent and hardness glass tubular level vials of high accuracy are used to check whether a surface is level or not.

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There are five plastic circular bubble level vials and four plastic tubular bubble level vials in different sizes.

Plastic Bubble Level Vial

We supply plastic bubble level vial of high-transparent and high precision, which are widely used in leveling tools and electronic scales.

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There is a circular bubble level vial with perforated metal base.

Metal Level Vial

We supply metal circular bubble level whose sensitivity can reach 5"/2 mm and it is commonly used in construction and leveling instrument.

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There is four pieces of different kinds spirit levels on the ground.

Spirit Level

The spirit level is commonly used by engineering for finding the horizontal and vertical plane easily.

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