Bubble Level Vials of High Sensitivity

LingYan Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of glass circular bubble level vials, glass tubular bubble level vials, plastic bubble level vials and metal bubble level vials for more than 10 years. We choose suitable high quality material. We have high technology, advanced machinery, skilled workers, professional salesmen and best service, so that we can make sure the precise size and high sensitivity of our products. We provide professional and patient instruction for the choosing, installation and application of the spirit level vials.

The advantages of our spirit level vials:

  • Suitable material
    We choose different material for different application spirit level vials. The glass material is of high transparency and not easy to be scratched. The glass tubular bubble levels have high precision and can be used in some precise electric instruments. The plastic level vials are the most common level vials, which are not easy to broken. The metal level vials can be used separately as well as installed in some equipment.
  • High transparency
    Our spirit level vials use the high transparency glass and acrylic material cover. With high transparency, you can read the angle clearly and the spirit level vials make leveling instruments preciser.
  • High hardness
    We use glass and acrylic of high quality, which is unbreakable and not easy to be scratched. Our spirit level vials are made with advanced technology and will not leak within 10 years.
  • High precision
    The sensitivity of our glass high precise tubular level vials with scale lines can reach 2" / 2 mm. Our plastic level vials and metal bubble level vials sensitivity can also reach 5' / 2 mm.
  • Beautiful appearance
    Our bubble level vials not only perfect in quality and precision, but also beautiful in appearance. We have fashionable design and it is also used as decoration and gift. The good appearance also make the household appliance with bubble level vials looks good.

Application of our spirit level vials:

There is a camera with a circular bubble level on its surface.
Used in
Photoelectric instrument
Four tubular bubble level are used in theodolite to help to keep horizontal.
Used in
There is a compass with spirit level vial on the ground.
Used in
There is a bubble level which is used in the camera tripod.
Used in
There are two piece of leveling ruler with several pieces of spirit level vials.
Used in
leveling instruments
There is piece of bubble level vial which is used in frame installment.
Used in
frame installment
Hot Products
Several glass circular bubble levels in different sizes, colors and base types on black background.

Glass Circular Bubble Level Vials

We supply glass circular bubble level vial which is high-transparent, high precision, and are widely used in leveling tools and electronic scales.

Several glass tubular bubble levels in straight or arc shape, white, green or yellow liquid colors.

Glass Tubular Bubble Level Vials

High transparent and hardness glass tubular level vials of high accuracy are used to check whether a surface is level or not.

There are five plastic circular bubble level vials and four plastic tubular bubble level vials in different sizes.

Plastic Bubble Level Vial

We supply plastic bubble level vial of high-transparent and high precision, which are widely used in leveling tools and electronic scales.

Two metal level vials with clear view and easily installed onto instruments.

Metal Level Vial

We supply metal circular bubble level whose sensitivity can reach 5"/2 mm and it is commonly used in construction and leveling instrument.


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