Plastic Level Vial Used in Leveling Instruments

Plastic bubble level vial, made of acrylic and alcohol, can be divided into circular level vial and tubular level vial. The acrylic is strong enough to avoid breaking in transportation and using. The color can be transparent, blue, yellow, green and any other color you want. We have new technology to avoid air leaking, which makes their using life to reach more than 7 years. The bubble can gather again within 2 seconds after hitting. Our goods get the transportation license of sending by air. The circular bubble level vial can test the inclination of all the directions, so that it is also called universal level vial.

There are several plastic circular bubble level vials and four plastic tubular bubble level vials in different sizes.
PBLV-01: Various kinds of plastic level vials can fit the different instruments and equipment.
There are several plastic tubular bubble level vials in different color.
PBLV-02: The color of the plastic tubular bubble level can be customized.
A top view and a bottom view of plastic bubble level vial with adhesive.
PBLV-03: Adhesive design is available for easy assembly onto equipment and instruments.
There are two plastic tubular bubble level vial with the key chain.
PBLV-04: Plastic bubble level vials can be equipped with key chains for easy carrying and decoration.
Two plastic bubble level vials. Both are pre-drilled holes.
PBLV-05: Pre-drilled holes for easy assembly and installation.


The Dimension of Plastic Circular Bubble Level Vials
Item Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
PCLV-0855 8 5.5
PCLV-1006 10 6
PCLV-1206 12 6
PCLV-1207 12 7
PCLV-1275 12 7.5
PCLV-1307 13 7
PCLV-1408 14 8
PCLV-1506 15 6
PCLV-1508 15 8
PCLV-1710 17 10
PCLV-1809 18 9
PCLV-1910 19 10
PCLV-2009 20 9
PCLV-2505 25 5
PCLV-2510 25 10
PCLV-3010 30 10
PCLV-3207 32 7
PCLV-3212 32 12
PCLV-4010 40 10
PCLV-5010 50 10
PCLV-6012 60 12
PCLV-6610 66 10
PCLV-6812 68 12
PCLV-7514 75 14
PCLV-10015 100 15
The Dimension of Plastic Tubular Bubble Level Vials
Item Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
PTLV-4512 4.5 12
PTLV-0512 5 12
PTLV-0513 5 13
PTLV-0615 6 15
PTLV-0620 6 20
PTLV-0624 6 24
PTLV-6329 6.3 29
PTLV-6518 6.5 18
PTLV-65255 6.5 25.5
PTLV-0716 7 16
PTLV-0718 7 18
PTLV-0726 7 26
PTLV-07263 7 26.3
PTLV-07265 7 26.5
PTLV-0735 7 35
PTLV-0820 8 20
PTLV-0822 8 22
PTLV-08225 8 22.5
PTLV-0823 8 23
PTLV-08347 8 34.7
PTLV-0835 8 35
PTLV-0925 9 25
PTLV-0950 9 50
PTLV-95255 9.5 25.5
PTLV-9530 9.5 30
PTLV-9531 9.5 31
PTLV-9534 9.5 34
PTLV-9540 9.5 40
PTLV-1030 10 30
PTLV-1035 10 35
  • Material: acrylic.
  • Medium: solvent naphtha.
  • Color: blue, green, yellow, transparent and so on.
  • Classification: circular plastic level vial, tubular plastic level vial.
  • Sensitivity: 5' per 2 mm - 90' per 2 mm.
  • Dimension:
There are four yellow plastic tubular level vials with scale on them.
PBLV-06: With the scale, we can read the incline angle easily.
There is a yellow plastic circular level vial with scale on it.
PBLV-07: The plastic circular level vial with scale in four direction can measure the incline angle in four direction.
There is a plastic tubular level vial of 7 mm diameter and 16 mm length.
PBLV-08: The bubble level vials produced by us have precise dimension and high sensitivity.

Features and advantages

  • Strong material
    The acrylic material is of high hardness and can suffer hitting and falling.
  • Transparent surface
    Plastic level vials surface is as clear as glass level vials.
  • High precision.
  • Beautiful appearance.


  • Used in various kinds of level instruments.
  • Used is photographic equipment.
  • Used in photo frame installment.
  • Used in TV rack and camera tripod.
  • Used as washing machine level.
  • Used as decoration and gift.
There is a yellow plastic circular level vial with scale on it.
PBLV-09: Plastic bubble level can be used is many machine, such as washing machine, to help keep horizontal in installment.
A plastic tubular bubble level vial in a instrument.
PBLV-10: The bubble level vial installed in the tool can help the tool keep horizontal during using.

Package and transportation

  • We usually pack the bubble level vials in carton with foam board inside.
  • Express or air transportation for small quantity goods and sea transportation for big quantity goods.