Spirit Level Used in Construction and House

Spirit level, also called leveling instrument, is designed to indicate whether the surface is horizontal or vertical. Various types of spirit levels are used by carpenters, stonemasons, bricklayers, building trade workers, surveyors and so on. The spirit levels have at least two bubble level vials, which can be used to check the vertical as well as horizontal plane. Some spirit levels have the third vial which can help you to find the 45 degree angle. Our spirit levels have light weight, high accuracy, strong body and corrosion resistance surface.

There is four pieces of different kinds spirit levels on the ground.
The common spirit level, digital spirit level and magnet spirit level are used in different situation to measure the horizontal and vertical plane.


  • Classification: digital spirit level, magnet spirit level, common spirit level.
  • Material: aluminum alloy, cast iron.
  • Bubble level vial: 2–3 pieces of bubble level vials in horizontal and vertical.
  • Measuring accuracy: 0.057' = 1,0 mm/m.
  • Width: 50–100 mm.
  • Height: 20–50 mm.
  • Length: 300–2000 mm.
  • Color: yellow, red, black, silver.
  • Coating: PVC coating.

Features and advantages

  • Light weight.
  • Magnet side design.
  • Soft unbroken cap end.
  • Corrosion resistance PVC coating.
  • Three plane measuring.
  • Solid acrylic vials.
  • High sensitivity.
  • Digital spirit level will show the letter directly.
  • Laser printing.
There is a spirit level with three bubble level vials.
The spirit level with three bubble level vials can not only measure the horizontal and vertical plan, but also find the 45 degree angle.
There is a spirit level with the angle showing on the screen.
The angle can be read easily by using the digital spirit level.


  • Used in construction site.
  • Used in shop maintenance.
  • House decoration.
  • Water and electricity installation.
There are three pieces of different kind spirit levels used in different situation.
The spirit levels are widely used in construction, house decoration, carpentry and so on.