Metal Circular Level Vial Used for Measuring Level

Metal level vial, also called metal bubble level vial and bull eye level vial, is made of aluminum alloy, copper or stainless steel case, glass or acrylic cover and alcohol medium. The metal bubble level vial can be used independently as well as in some leveling instruments and electronic equipment. Due to the metal case, the bubble level vials can fit various kinds of accessories. The color of medium and case can be customized to meet the requirement. The using life can reach 10 years, during which the medium and gas inside will not leak.

There is a circular bubble level vial with perforated metal base.
The holes in the metal base level vial are designed for fixing by bolt.
There is a metal circular bubble level vial in black color.
The color of the metal case and medium of metal circular level vial can be customized.
Two bubble level with black painted metal base on the black background.
Transparent top and clearly circle supplies clear view for accuracy.
Two bottom of metal bubble level vials with three screw holes on the bottom.
Screw holes designs make it easily be assembled onto equipment and instruments.


  • Material:
    • Metal case: aluminum, copper, stainless steel.
    • Cover: glass or acrylic.
    • Medium: n-heptane.
  • Color: blue, green, yellow, red, brown, transparent and any customized color.
  • Sensitivity: 5' per 2 mm - 90' per 2 mm.
  • Diameter: 8 mm - 50 mm.
  • Height: 4 mm - 20 mm.
There are two metal bubble level vials with nuts and can screws.
The nut designed metal level vial can be installed in other equipment easily.

Features and advantages

  • High hardness.
  • High transparency.
  • Easy to fit the equipment.
    The metal bubble level vials can fit the other instruments or equipment, due to the metal case.
  • Long using life.
    The using life of metal bubble level vials can reach 10 years, during which they will not leak.


  • General masonry work and construction.
  • Finding angle.
  • Title setting and layout.
  • Plumbing and framing.
  • Used in scale.
  • Used in some leveling instrument.

Package and transportation

  • Packed in carton, wooden case with foam board inside to avoid breaking.
  • We can send the goods both by sea and air.